Body, Mind, Being; simply move better

Structural Integration (S.I.) is originally the work of Dr Ida P. Rolf; who understood the soft-tissue (fascial) system of the human body and how profound its impact can be upon the moving being. Joanne Avison is a practitioner and teacher of this art and craft, with over 20 years experience. It is based in long-established wisdom, science and research of the connective tissue system and the long-held experience of Rolfers and Structural Integrators who established this treatment for chronic issues, over many decades. Joanne is also author of YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement and translates her understanding through her hands using S.I., F.S.M. (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) and Cranial work to ensure that clients are met exactly where they are.

Most physical injuries, strains, sprains and movement restrictions reside in the soft-tissues and, along with scar tissue, have a major impact on movement ability. As a yoga teacher and therapist, Joanne combines the hands-on skills of the manual practitioner with those of a movement teacher and helps her clients to move better.

If you want your performance improved, or pain removed, S.I. can hold the key to restoring a spring in your step or optimising your range and scope of movement. Growing pains, joint pains, lower back pain, stiffness and a host of other aches and insults can be released via the appropriate treatment of the soft tissues, or the fascia. Famous for the renewed sense of congruency, calm and self-containment that S.I. can produce, the sessions are uniquely designed to help you feel and move better and it’s sustainable. You can click here for more information about how S.I. works and why it is so valuable to reduce pain and improve performance.